Curating knowledge, news and using conjecture to raise questions surrounding the direction that society is moving in and ho technology can be used to solve a number of societal problems.

Pragmatics over idealism lights the way for each and every step or decision made for benefiting humanity, idealistic thinking can point a person in the right direction, but there is a discord between the ideal and the resulting path one has to follow.

As a result of the current free market economics, there is engineered inequality utilising access to financial markets and enslaving nations through debt and interest rates. This world cannot be dismantled very easily and the actual banking system that deals with asset backed currencies are as solvent today as they always have been.

Whoever allowed the leveraging of debt against nothing but promissory notes shall go down in history as the fools that allowed their greed to make them victims of hubris.

Distributed ledger technologies have the potential to give integrity back to those institutions who have been corrupted by predilections towards being sycophants to free market economics. When records are immutable and public there is no hiding institutional discrimination which is ruled by plutocrats.

The way trade currently takes place is using systems which are owned by private individuals, families, businesses, organisations and other opaque governance models. Through blockchain implementations all transactions can be owned by the people making the transaction, with a fee to fund the decentralised network.

The way data is currently farmed will need to be re-imagined, the way people hand over their personal information is setting people up to become further victims of psychologists subtle nudges. Learning how to manage personal information through permissioned and non-permission systems allows for a combination of transparency, privacy, anonymity, obfuscation and opacity.

Finally, it would be great to see society move in the direction where people are rewarded based on their merits, applauded based on their distinctions and contribute to the success of others.