Open Source Commerce: OpenBazaar

openbazaar icon

Openbazaar is an open source application for decentralizing trade on the internet, it has to be downloaded to a computer or via an app and works uses peer-to-peer network distribution. Decentralised free e-commerce.

First, it’s good to see the sane download location and the install was pretty straight forward with only one dependency to fix on Ubuntu 20.04:

sudo dpkg -i openbazaar2_2.4.4_amd64.deb
sudo apt-get install libgconf-2-4
sudo apt –fix-broken install

Then came the terms and conditions, they do request the usual crash metrics, followed by creating an account without asking for an email address or centralised identifier.

Everything necessary to set up an e-commerce business accepting alt-coins.

*Also, having products, traffic and services with potential customers required

Inside the application to the right of the address bar there is the openbazaar marque, in the discover sections you can exchange bitcoins and altcoins, purchase art, digital services and job listings. The quality of the site will be the products available and how it arbitrates its transactions.

You can checkout products via which is the search platform for finding products on openbazaar, which offers a search bar and map to locate goods for sale on this decentralised market.

When using bitcoin and altcoins remember to factor in the transaction fee for each, bitcoin which is more expensive for small transactions, whereas other altcoins have much lowers fees and faster transaction times.

What does OpenBazaar improvement on previous e-commerce services and solutions?