South Korea: Blockchain Investors

I like the approach of the South Korean government, they are as modern as their advanced infrastructure, with them planning on taxing blockchain assets and transactable tokens.

Back in 2009 South Korea ran on 100mb broadband as it’s slowest connection, the ability to pay at the supermarket with your phone beginning to be an option. If you lost your phone you generally got it back and you would leave it behind the bar in pubs to charge.

Now most phones can be used to pay for nearly all products and services, the experience for the end user would be no different if that transaction used alternative networks to transfer value.

As well as taxing the Blockchain economy South Korea is also investing in a Smart Campus concept which will see the application of AI cloud based technologies underpinned by distributed ledge technologies driven by the decade of big data which is slowly creeping upon us.

수성대학교가 22일 (사)한국인공지능협회와 클라우드 기반의 인공지능(AI) 블록체인 캠퍼스 구축을 위해 산학협력을 체결했다.